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Myke Loftus – Janice Anderson Horn 

I am a Lofthus/Loftus descendant and am helping with a genealogy project. I am particularly interested in the message that Myke Loftus posted. He is the grandson of one of my father’s 1st cousins. I’m quite sure that my dad and at least one of my brothers visited Myke’s grandfather and 2 great uncles in Coos Bay, Ore.

This family came from Norway and settled in Wisconsin in the 2nd half of the 19th century. My sister-in-law is working on a history of the family which I am sure she would be happy to share with Myke. I appreciate the information that Myke included in his posting and would be happy to get in touch.

There are Lofthus/Loftus reunions in Wis. biennially and there will be one the last weekend of June 2014. Both spellings are used by different branches — 2 of the brothers (one was Myke’s greatgrandfather) dropped the ‘h’ from their name.

Janice (Anderson) Horn
Clarion, PA 16214

Lord Edward Loftus – Loftus Hall, Kilkenny, Ireland.

I’m researching my family tree for the last five years and discovered a connection with a Lord Edward Loftus, Loftus Hall, Kilkenny, Ireland. Based mainly on family lore my gggg-parent was a Edward Loftus . Would you have any information on this Loftus family?


Tom O’Connell

Jim Loftus (loftis?)- South carolina


My name is jonathan and I am looking for an old family friend who I believe to be living in the USA. His name is Jim Loftus (loftis?) and he lived here in New Zealand in a city called New Plymouth in the mid 1980’s. He was friends with my mother Patricia. He moved back to the USA and the last contact we had with him, he was living in South Carolina.

Any info would be much appreciated.


Jonathan Boyd

Anthony Bernard Loftus – Mayo 1903


Just returned from Ireland vacation. Looked in Co Mayo looking for my roots. The only information that I have is that my father Anthony Bernard Loftus was born in Mayo in 1903 and was raised on the family farm. He came to the USA through Ellis Island in the 1920’s, married Helen Durkin from Sligo, and finally settled in Jersey City, NJ. He died in 1964


Thomas J. Loftus from New Jersey

Janice Loftus Moyer


Was just on the Loftus Web Site. I am Janice Loftus Moyer. My maiden name was Loftus. Lots of Tom’s in our family. My Grandfather was Thomas Loftus, as was my father, brother and nephew. I read some of the bio’s. My Grandparents were Thomas and Catherine. I also saw the same names and they were buried in Ireland. My Grandparents by the same name are buried in Pittsburg, Kansas, USA.

We are the Loftus family from Pittsburg, Kansas. My Grandparents died in the 1960’s and my father died at age 63 in April of 1982. My brother is also Thomas A. Loftus.

Thats about all the info I can give now as I must go for now.

Feel free to contact me.

Janice Loftus Moyer

Martin Loftus – born circa 1843 Ireland

To whom it may concern:

I am looking for my family and have hit a brick wall. I have Martin Loftus b. around 1843 and died in sept. 1898 St. louis, Mo. He was born in Ireland and came over around 1865. He married Winnifred Gallaher (gallagher) and had two daughters Mary and winnefred. He also had a niece living with him from 1870 named bridgett.

Any information you have would be great


Deirdre Doris

Jim Loftus – Atlantic City

My name is Elizabeth Cunneff. My father is Joseph Patrick Cunneff of Philadelphia, New York, and Atlantic City. I remember meeting a Jim Loftus when I was a child, and his grandson, Ray Canton (I think) was a friend and playmate of mine in Atlantic City during the summers he spent with his grandparents.

Here’s the thing. I married Lee Loughnane (Elmwood Park, IL) back in 1979. We have a son, Brian. Lee, it seems, has Loftuses in HIS family tree as well. Maybe you can help me connect the dots. I find the whole thing most interesting.

Thank you,

Elizabeth P. Cunneff

Canadian Loftus


I found your site and was intrigued. My name is Patrick Thomas Loftus and my grandfather was Thomas John or legally I believe he was John Thomas Loftus. I believe he was born in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada or came to the region with his parents from Ireland, when he was very young. He eventually ended up in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was a farmer and a carpenter. He married Phyllis Lowden and had 4 children; Helen, Gerald (my father), Arthur and Elizabeth.

He was from a big family. I know he had many siblings but the only other name I know is Mary. She remained single all her life and lived in the Toronto, Ontario area.

Not much info but thought I would email you and see if you had anyone else with a similar enquiry.


Patrick Loftus
Vancouver, BC Canada

Mary Loftus, Wales

I got loftus in family, she was my grandmother. Sadly she died before i was born. Her name was Mary, dont have much info on her. She came over to north wales, she married a Robert Johnson. She was 32 when she died.

Very interesting site to find out where my grandmother came came from. My dad was young when she died, think she was born in County Mayo or Sligo

Thank you,

Catherine Loftus, Knockaganny

My name is Della Campbell and my great grandmother was Catherine Loftus from Knockaganny, Callow Foxford born 1864 or 1865, she married Martin Walsh & moved to Newcastle, Meelick, Swinford.

Her father was Patrick Loftus, I am looking for siblings or her mothers name.


Loftus, 1845 – Castleconor, County Sligo

On my mother’s side of the family (Fenerty), around 1845, a family consisting of a father (Fenaghty), mother (Loftus), and four sons left Castleconor, County Sligo, for Philadelphia. On the way over, the two parents died; not uncommon on a coffin ship.

Although the names of the four boys are known, the first names of the parents are not. Several years ago, I visited the parish church hoping to get more information but there were no records for that time.

I understand that at one time this area was in County Mayo. It is four miles or so north of Ballina, Mayo. On most maps there is no town named Castleconor. (I believe you can find that name on a large scale ordnance map.) Indeed, there is no town there, but I did find an athletic field with that name (written in Irish).

I am third generation, so I have ancestors from various parts of Ireland — mostly from the west, of course. McDevitt is a Donegal name, and interestingly enough my great grandfather, Jeremiah McDevitt, married a woman from Cork. I do not know how two people from so far apart came together in 19th century Ireland. Other names from my Irish ancestry include: Shields, Mannion, Gallagher, Montague, and Jones.

Mick McDevitt

Bridget Loftus – Born 1870 Rathredane, County Mayo

Please find a place for my Loftus story.

My great grandmother was Bridget Loftus. She was born around 1870 in Rathredane (sp?) in County Mayo. Her parents were Patrick Loftus and Mary Sweeney, Roman Catholics. They were married 11 Jan 1866 in Kilmoremoy district. His father’s name was James and they were from Carrah. Her father’s name was also James and they were from Rathredane. Witnesses to the marriage were Patrick Lawrence and Margaret Sweeney. No birth record was found for Bridget but one for her sister Anne: 16 Sept 1868 but no godparents listed. A birth record for Sarah Loftus was found with James and Mary as parents: 15 Feb 1872 in Kilgarvin/Bonniconlon parish. Godparents were Patrick Lawerence and Sarah Sweeney.

Bridget and Annie immigrated to the US around 1886 and settled in Philadelphia. She married John F. Cahill in 1894. Annie married Patrick Morrison around 1905. I would love to find out more about the Loftus and Sweeneys from that area.

Thank you,

Patti Salvaggio

Sharon Loftus


My name is Sharon Loftus and I am the daughter of Robert Thomas Loftus from Philadelphia. His father’s name is Thomas Loftus. I live in New Jersey and I have two isters and one brother. I know his mother moved to Florida but his father stayed in Philadelphia, who had passed at the age of 58. He had a sister who died early at approximately the age of 38 from cancer, named Delores and she did live in Florida. Sorry not more but that is all I have.

Thank you,

Sharon Loftus

Bishop Adam Loftus


I have just returned from Ireland where I spent some time visiting ancestral sites. I am a direct descendent of Bishop Adam Loftus – 12 generations later.

I have further links for the daughter of Nicholas Loftus and Susan Adderly, Margaret Loftus, who married Thomas Mildmay. Would you be interested in that information? And would it be added to the Loftus Family tree?

Jane Spencer

Bjarn Eirik Loftás


I have visited your web-page at loftusweb, and i decided to send you an email.

My name is Bjarn Eirik Loftás – Loftás – which is pronounced just as you would pronounce your name, Loftus. I also know that some of my relatives, moving from Norway to USA in the late years of 1800, changed their names from Loftás/Loftaas to Loftus. That was quite necessary though, the letter “á” did not exist in the English alphabet.

I also know that some of my ancestors changed their first names, in order to make it more international, like Knut for instance, who changed his name to Kenneth, Yvind became Edwin  and so on.

Loftás is a small place in the island of Ostera y (Oster island) near Bergen, Norway. Originally there were two farms at Loftás, from which the about 150 Norwegians that use Loftás as surname today, have their roots.

We also have this place called Lofthus in Hardanger, Norway a which also can be the origin of the name Loftus, used in America today.

Well, that was all for now. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the history behind the names.

Best regards from Norway,

Bjarn Eirik Loftás

Loftus – O’Malley

My great great grandmother’s maiden name was Loftus. A she married a man with the last name of o’Malley or a variation of. The had a son named martin. A he married a woman named mary connora who was born in 1832. Their children were martin, john, thomas, michael, agnes, ellen, catherine, bridget, mary, and annie. Martin died in 1864-1865. His widow was about 32. Martin and mary lived in county mayo. Most likely their parents did, too. All of mary’s children immigrated to america. Mary was the last to come and she traveled with her youngest child, a daughter.

Mary died in st. Paul in 1909, age 77. Bridget died in st. Louis, mo april 20, 1873. She was 22. All mary’s other children lived well into adulthood, married those of irish descent and had lots of kids.

My grandfather was michael. He immigrated to America in 1870 with his sister bridget. He was born in 1855. He was a middle child. His mother immigrated to America in 1872 with her youngest child. All of her children immigrated to America. The all settled in and around st. Paul, mn, st. Louis, mo, sycamore, il. And environs. Many worked for the rr.

One of my aunt’s and her daughter were in county mayo some years ago and could not find any records of michael malley (o’malley), my aunt’s father. I believe there had been a fire and important records were lost. The o’malley’s were catholic, so there must be some kind of baptismal/birth, death, cemetery, marriage records some place.

Mary connor’s parents were barbara walch/walsh and anthoney/anthony o’connor. There are name variations: o’malley/o’malia/malley; o’connor/connor. Birth years may be off a bit.

I saw the loftus genealogical chart on your web site and did not see any loftus marrying an o’malley around the 1830’s or so.

My grandfather would say he was from bally castle, however, i believe he was actually from a nearby small village or small town. He, as many of us do, named the closest place that others would recognize.

Does anyone have any information on this loftus connection? My cousin would be more than delighted to fill in that part of the family history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It would be really interesting to see if there is any connection.

Laurel O’Malley

Heather Lofthouse


I’m Heather Lofthouse, I grew up in Loftus, (near Saltburn-by-the-Sea) in North Yorkshire in the UK. The town name had been changed from Lofthose during the Victorian times as the area grew with the local ironstone and steel industry (there is another Lofthouse in Yorkshire, people got confused, deliveries got sent to the wrong station). My family had traveled to the area from the other Lofthouse in the Northallerton part of Yorkshire seeking work. And were historically based there. Before that, I don’t know any further. Recently a very old and large Saxon Burial site was found in Loftus, containing what is believed to be royal remains and gold jewellery.


Southern Illinois Loftuses


My father John has asked me to do some family research on the Southern Illinois Loftuses. I think that it was my great grandfather Patric who came from Ireland to dig big holes on the south bank of the big muddy river outside of Murphysboro. I have spoken to the archivist at Southern Illinois university and i may know more soon. you can see what John is about on the Hobart and William Smith colleges web site. I have taken after the Loftus side and am a professor, too my aunt Lee Peters born Mary Elizabeth Loftus was a costumer in Hollywood she did the costmes for Charlies Angels and Lavern and Shirley. My cousins were the kids in the look ma no cavities comercials. My husband Gregg calls us the sining dancing Loftuses not exactly famous, but not for want of trying.


Montgomery Loftus


I’m Montgomery Loftus, the son of Daniel James Loftus (who’s already in your registry) and grandson of James Thomas Loftus (who died a long before me). I was born October 18th, 1989, in Portland OR.

According to my father, we particular two are descended from the few Lofti that immigrated before the Potato Famine in 1845. I can’t find any immigration records from before the 1850s, but if anyone has some and could confirm this that’d be great.


Robert Paul Loftus Owen (1799-1869)

Can anyone help with the ancestors of Robert Paul Loftus Owen (1799-1869)? Three of his daughters linked the Basson and Versfeld families. I would also be very interested to know of any marriage link between the Loftus and Owen families. The names Loftus and Owen became very popular forenames in the Basson, Versfeld and Noome families. Robert Owen Loftus Versfeld (1863-1932) became prominent in sporting circles as a rugby promoter.

Many thank for your trouble. Let’s see now whether anyone will find my bottle.

Regards, Dudley.

John Loftus, born in County Mayo around 1842


My name is Patrick Loftus. My GGF, John Loftus, was born in County Mayo around
1842. He emigrated to Scranton, Pa, and worked as a coal miner. My GF, Patrick Loftus
was born in Scranton, and my father, Edward Loftus was born there in 1898. I’m trying
to find where in Mayo GGF Loftus was born.

I enjoy reading the website for information on the Loftus name. Many people are
surprised that Loftus is an Irish name. I grew up in Pennsylvania and now live in Texas.
Take care.Pat Loftus

Loftus family in Pittston PA
Hi Tom,My relations are Barbara Loftus, whose parents were Patrick and I belive mothers name is Mary.
Barbara married Patrick Donnelly andthey all live in Pittston PA area!  Mary Loftus , please contact me in regards to Loftus family in Pittston PA area.
This my fathers side of the family, and I really don’t have too much information.

I do know my GGrandmothers name was Barbara Loftus who married Patrick Donnelly and had I believe 3-4 Children, one of them my Grandmother Catherine Donnelly, who intern married John King and who had 5 Children, one of them my father, Joseph Patrick King. They all live in the Pittston, Scranton Area.

Any information or help greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Cathy Battisti

Descendent of the Loftus from County Clare

I am a descendent of the loftus from County Clare, based in Ennis. I have a lot of info to share if anyone is interested.

Mike Loftus

Moran male married to a Loftus

My grandfather was from Crossmolina and he came to the US in around 1892 at the age of 18. His parents were a Moran male married to a Loftus. Do you have any information. His name was John Moran. I know this because his brother was Patrick L. Moran and the L stood for their mother’s maiden name Loftus. As I was growing up in San Francisco, a cousin of my father moved across the street from us and his name was Emmet Loftus.

Any information would be appreciated.


Jean Moran Treaster

Catherine Loftus – from Dublin, Ireland

My husband’s name is George Mancell, and we live in Victoria, Australia.

My husband’s great-grandmother was Catherine Loftus, apparently from Dublin, Ireland. She married a Henry Blackler near Parramatta, New South Wales in Australia, in 1842. We can find nothing else about her, and we would like to get some information.

Please email us if you know anything.

Elaine Mancell

Twin brothers John and James Loftus – born in Canada

My Mom and I have been rearching the Loftus family tree for some time and I came across your web site recently. We have been trying to link back to the 1900 – present time era to connect the dots back to the Loftus family tree.

We know that two twin brothers John and James Loftus were born in Canada and their father (don’t know his name yet) emigrated from England we believe to Canada.

James Loftus had 8 children and we know that Caroline was born in Canada, and Nick, Mart, Allen, Maud, Sara, and my Grandfather Howard Loftus were all born in Lockport New York.

Howard had 9 children Alice, Janet, Carol, Richard, James, Joe, Ann-Jean, Robert and my mom Mary Louise whom were all born in Lockport New York.

Caroline or Carrie married Lamont Hamilton and they both visited the Loftus relatives in England sometime 1925. My mom knows of a diary written by Carrie that documented her trip to England and other parts of Europe. My mom saw the diary but, we have not seen it in some time. Perhaps you could help us connect the dots back to England some how.

I was in England in 1995 on business and was unable to connect with the Office of Population Censuses & Surveys (OPCS). They sent me information about the how to obtain records but, it seems you have done all the hard work. We had a Loftus reunion flyer sent to England in 1995 but, received no response because we have no contact information.

I have requested the birth and death records of Caroline/Carrie from New York State to see if we can find the name of her farther and hopefully her grandfather and possibly link all this back together in England. I will keep you posted and thanks for building the web site. We may never have solved this riddle on our own.

John Moran 

Jerry Loftus, Pennsylvania

My name is Anne Sherrard Murphy . I live in Kilkenny, Ireland and wish to contact Jerry Loftus now hopefully in his mid-fifties. Jerry grew up in no 214 approx North Broad St Lansdale Pennsylvania. He was the youngest of three children having an older brother and sister. His parents emigrated in their teens from Foxford and Swinford Mayo Ireland in the early 20th century. Jerry studied Arabic in University of Aberdeen Scotland in 1972-3 and returned to continue his degree course in University of Philadelphia. When last heard of he was married and living in Barbados with his French wife and first born- David -and working as a diplomat.If you manage to contact Jerry tell him he can look me up on Artlinks.ie under Poetry or Literature

-tks -Anne

Martin Loftus, Connacht, Ireland

My great great grandfather was Martin Loftus, baptised 19 October 1834, Loughglinn, Ros, Connacht, Ireland. His parents were John Loftus and Catherine Duffy (married 3 Feb 1818). Martin married Bridget Spellman and sometime between 1868 and 1881 moved to England.

Would love to hear if anyone has any connection to this line.

Sue Jones
Sydney, Australia

Myke Loftus

Thank you for your website. It’s interesting to see how far flung the Loftus (Lofthus) name has expanded throughout the world.

My name is Mykel Loftus (I was born on April 27, 1960 in Seattle, Washington and am married to Jennifer Layne Ashmore Loftus; I have 3 daughters; Erika Sandra Loftus, Stefani Michelle Loftus and Kymberli Dawn Loftus; son of Jule Hurley Loftus, who is the son of Theodore A. Loftus who homesteaded in Fairbanks, Alaska in the 1920’s. He and his two other brothers, Jule Loftus (who my father is named after) and Arthur left Tomahawk, Wisconsin for their journey to the North Country. Jule (my Great Uncle) became the territorial veterinarian up there. I’m not sure what Arthur did but Theodore (Ted) was an engineer with a mining company. They had many adventures hunting and just plain homesteading. My Grandmother Audrey (Ted’s wife) became a Regent at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. They donated a large portion of land (in the valley below the University) to the University (there went my inheritance, but hey, we got a street named after us down there in the valley). FYI: there are two streets named Loftus E. and Loftus W. along the Oregon coast by the sand dunes but I’m not sure how that came about. The 3 brothers ended up retired in Coos Bay, Oregon. Arthur built his large home on the Bay using drift wood and anything he could find along the beach. He was married to Dorothy.

My father was born in Fairbanks 1935 and lived in there until he was about 32, served the Army as a Crew Chief on Helicopters in Germany (peace time service) and managed banks for an occupation. He is retired now and living in Renton, Washington. His parents (Ted and Audrey) passed away at the ages of (approximately) 95 and 90 (respectively). Sorry, I’m writing this all down from memory (or lack there of). I have one older brother: Jeffrey Edward Loftus (born July 20, 1958) who married Theresia Call Loftus and they have 5 daughters and one son. I have one younger sister: Lori Lynn Loftus (born August 8, 1961) who has 4 daughters.

If anyone would like to contact me please do so.

Joseph Loftus, grandson of Patrick Loftus from Ireland

I am Joseph Loftus. The son of Fredrick Bennard Loftus, who was the son of Patrick Loftus from Ireland. We our based in Pontefract, west Yorkshire, I am the only living son / boy of this family name.

Peter Loftus born in Ireland, arrived to the United States before 1847
My name is Mary Wade Haines I am currently living in Arizona also. I too am a decendent of a Loftus. My great great grandfather was Peter Loftus born in Ireland (don’t know date)arrived to the United States before 1847. Married Celia Kelty. Celia was born in Ireland in 1820.

Their Children:
Mary Loftus born 31 Oct 1847 in Pennsylvania, christened 3 Nov 1847 in St Rose Of Lima Church, Carbondale, Pa.

Bridget Loftus Born 24 Jan 1850 In Pennsylvania, christened 25 Jan 1850 St Rose of Lima Church, Carbondale, Pa

Dennis Loftus born 20 Oct 1851 in Pennsylvania, christened 4 Nov 1851 at St Rose of Lima Church, Carbondale, Pa

Owen Loftus born 1853 in Pennsylvania, Died (There are two dates for his death) 16 Dec 1911 or 20 Nov 1914, Spouse, Alice born 1856 marriage 1898.

John Loftus born 5 April 1854 in Pennsylvania, christened 10 April 1854 at St Rose of Lima Church, Carbondale, Pa, Died March 1870.

Anthony Loftus born 30 May 1856 in Pennsylvania, christened 2 Jun 1856 at St Rose of Lima Church, Carbondale, Pa

Celia Theresa Loftus (my great grandmother) born 1857 in Pennsylvania, died 10 Apr 1949 in Cabrondale, Pa. She is buried at St Rose Cemetery, Carbondale, Pa. She married John Joseph Wade born 1851 in Ireland. They were married on 20 May 1877 at St Rose Church, Carbondale, Pa. John died 6 Nov 1919 in Carbondale and is buried at St Rose cemetery.

Celia and John had 11 children. I don’t know if you want all these dates since these children are Wades, but I have them.

Catherine Loftus born 10 Nov 1859 in Pennsylvania, christened 13 Nov 1859 at St Rose Church, Carbondale, Pa

The above information came from census records, St Rose Church records and the tomb stones from St Rose Cemetery.

Let me know if you want these other dates and I will be glad to supply them.

Mary Haines

Theresa Loftus – married John Furbeck

I have been searching to no avail for years and i just received my great grandmothers death notice:Theresa Loftus born July 16, 1878 Scotland died: June 4, 1940
Fathers name: John Loftus
Birthplace: Scotland
Mothers name: unknown
First name McGregor

Story is she emigrated at 16 1894?, married John Furbeck had 6 boys and he upped and left her.


Australian Loftus’s – get in touch!!

I don’t know if you or your readers can help but I have been stuck for many Years. It is regarding my Grandfathers sister Edith Parkes who according to his will She Married a Mr Loftus I do not know when or where I have been searching for years for a marriage and Death which i have as yet not succeeded. I have recently made contact with a cousin and as a young child seems to remember that she might have gone over to Australia, possibly married over there. If there are any Australian Loftus’s out there please could you get in touch.

I am at a loss as to how to find Edith Parkes’s marriage.

Thank you so much

Henrietta Parkes

Henry Loftus, married Catherine Medd in 1706

I am descended from Henry Loftus (also spelled Loft, Lofts, and Lofthouse) who married Catherine Medd in Rillington, Yorkshire, England in 1706. I am having a lot of trouble finding where he was born, and at the very least as part of a process of elimination, am wondering if by any chance he could be the Henry Loftus who, according to Family Search, was born in Loftus Hall, Wexford, Ireland in 1672.

Rex Watson (nee Lofthouse), Essex, England.

Elizabeth Loftus, married John Lynham
My great-grandmother, on my father’s side, was Elizabeth Loftus. She was
born in 1827, and died 3/26/1893. She died in Ireland but I don’t know where she was born (might have been England, but more probably Ireland). She married John Lynham (year unknown). John was born in 1820, in Geashill, County Offaly (then King’s County) in Ireland. John was baptized in the Church of Ireland (Anglican) so, given the political climate of the time, Elizabeth was also probably Church of Ireland (Protestant).

I have no other information on Elizabeth (did some research in Ireland in 2002 on the Lynham’s). Most of my lineage on my father’s side has proved evasive!

I will share any information I discover, and would appreciate anything you
find on Elizabeth and/or her family. I have an ancestral tree at www.lynham.us that will show the 4th generation where Elizabeth appears.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Lee Loftus, England, 40 years ago with US Air Force

I am trying to trace Lee Loftus who was stationed in England about 40 years ago with the US Air Force. He would be in his sixties now. Anyone help?

Jennifer Hargreaves

Looking for Sir Christopher Loftus and Revd Henry Loftus

Looking for two Lofti orphaned by history  Sir Christopher Loftus and the Revd Henry Loftus. Two quite different individuals from different centuries but interesting nonetheless…. Sir Christopher Loftus suddenly appears out of nowhere in 1642 a noble Gentleman lately come out of the Low-countries, and now Commander of a Regiment of Volunteers, who captured Waterford by stealth on 15th April while the main body of the rebel garrison was busie at pillaging & burning up the neighbour Villages his grissly allegiances at the time are recorded but it would be quite nice to know who he really was – anyone got an idea?Secondly Henry not so orphaned was born son of James Loftus at Lawrence
House in the parish of Heversham and educated at Sedbergh School before being admitted as sizar to St John’s College, Cambridge, aged 20, on 26 June 1722. BA 1725-6, MA 1733 Rector of Roydon in Norfolk, of Castle Rising and of Wood Rising; 1740-54.

If anyone knows of these two and can pin them to their families, I would be
very interested..

Guy Loftus

Searching for Paige Loftus

I am searching for Paige Loftus. We were stationed in Gieblestat Germany 1988-1991. Paige was a helicopter crewchief (US Army) and I believe she grew up in Durham, North Carolina. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Tincher

Looking for info on Michael Loftus and Elizabeth Jennings

I have a Michael Loftus (b.Ireland c.1830s) married Elizabeth Jennings. Daughter Mary Loftus b. c.1859 Ireland d. Troy, NY 20 Dec 1892. Married Martin Devany December 6, 1880 Middlewich, Chester, England. Martin b. 1856 MIddlewich, Chester, England d. 14 Jan 1933.

I am looking for information about Michael Loftus and Elizabeth Jennings.


Hello Albert J. Wardwell.!! You last wrote in 1996

I am the grandaughter of Sarah (Sadie) Loftus, who was born in Charlestown, Ma. in 1903. Sarah celebrated her 100th birthday this year in Boston with lots of relatives from all over the country. I believe that she was the sister of your grandfather, who you mentioned died in the 1980’s. I also remember stories of Matty’s tavern and his support of John F. Kennedy’s campaign and friendship with Dave Powers. As a young girl in the 1960’s I wrote to Matty, still living in Charlestown, regularly. At that time, he was the only other surviving sibling in the family of eight. Now, my grandmother, Sarah, is the last.

Sarah married Ernest Ratto in the early 1920’s and had four children, all of whom are alive. They lived in East Boston until my grandfathers death in the late 1970’s and then Sarah and her son, Ernest moved to Medford, Ma. Two of Sarah’s kids still live in the Boston area (her son Ernest lives with her, and my mom, Ruth, lives up the street) Her other daughters live on Cape Cod and in Ohio. They are between the ages of 71 and 79. Sarah has nine grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

We would love to hear from you!!

Carol Taylor
Solebury, PA

Success Story!

Thomas Loftus – Bridget Conroy, Ashland, Pa 1866
Hello Charles,

I found your address on the Loftus Family web sight. My Great-grandfather was Thomas Loftus. He married Bridget Conroy in Ashland, Pa. in 1866. He was born in Ireland in 1837. If any of this fits your research, will you please write to me.

My name is Ann, I am from Iowa. Thank you! Ann
Reply from Duane Loftus – founder of this site – to his brother Charles


Confirmation of Thomas and Bridget .. and Thomas place/date of birth from Dad. She is the same generation as us … as this is also our great grandfather … or Dad’s grandfather. Now, what relationship to us does that make Ann?


Mary Loftus

Please contact me. Someone has a piece of information from their research that may be relevant to you regarding your ancestors from Pittston, PA. We need an updated email address for you.

Paul Michael Loftus, born in Berwick, Pa
I have information from Kathleen Ross who believes she has connections to your Muldowney-Loftus branch. Please contact her.

UPDATE – 23/08/02

Thanks for putting up Paul M. Loftus as lost. I found him. Thank you, Kathleen Ross

Jim Rusher, looking for Robert F. Loftus

Jim Rusher is looking for Robert F. Loftus, an old military comrade from Korea. Jim is traveling about and in every town he looks up any and all Loftus in the phone book hoping to locate his buddy from long ago. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Robert F. Loftus, originally from East Chicago Indiana, please contact me.

Mark Masek, looking for Richard or Martin Loftus

Do you know what happened to Richard or Martin Loftus ? Mark Masek is trying to track his relatives. They were last known to have moved to Canada around the turn of the century.

Christy M. Spence looking for an old school friend, Wendy Marie Loftus from Omaha, Nebraska


I have no relation to the Loftus family, but for the past 10 years I have been looking for a school friend in Omaha, Nebraska, by the name of Wendy Marie Loftus (DOB 11/01/72). We were very close and I remember her dearly. My parents were abruptly divorced in 1984 and I we moved to Indiana. I have only seen Wendy once since then in 1985. I know this may seem petty to many, but I would appreciate any leads. The following information, I pray, will ring a bell for someone out there:

Rodney (Wendy’s father) & Patricia (Wendy’s mother, Hungarian descent)

Siblings include: Mary Beth (half sister), Scott, Cindy, Rodney, Jr., Lonny, & Mindy.

I believe her parents are divorced now and her father has another son about 12-16 years of age now.

Wendy’s nickname was “Bucky”. (Please don’t tell her I told you!)

Again, I have searched ten years for her. I even tried the lost person toll-free number but they had no leads to the Loftus family in Omaha, Nebraska. (They all had always maintained unlisted phone numbers and address information.)

Thank you to anyone who puts forth any effort to help me. God will surely bless you!!

Christy M. Spence



Janet Gordon Callison, looking forKathleen Loftus – Boston?

I am trying to find an old friend…well not that old, we’re both early 30 something…with whom I’ve lost touch. Kathleen Loftus was a Holy Cross Associate (a volunteer through Notra Dame) in Phoenix, AZ in 1986-87. She and I worked together for that year, then lost touch soon after. Her parents lived in Kings Point, NY at that time, but I believe they have moved. She had a whole bunch of brothers and sisters. Last I heard, she was living and teaching in Boston, and had gotten married. Any assistance in finding her would be greatly appreciated.

Janet Gordon Callison

Charity Loftus

I have a: Charity Loftus, b. ca 1735, parents unknown.
m. William Hunter ca 1750, probably Virginia,


Jane Hunter, b. ca 1757, married Wm. Turner 1773, VA
Wm. Hunter Jr. m1. Mary Turner, bef 1792, Franklin Co., VA
m2. Exony Turner 2 Jan 1804, Franklin Co., VA

Jane Hunter and William Turner, son of Shadrack Turner, m. 1773, are direct ancestors through their son George Turner. I have no further information for Charity Loftus, can you fit her into you data base, or will she remain just a name? Have several others like her, but Charity Loftus, and Milly Ross, are my main sore points at this time. Milly Ross married another Turner, (lots of Turners) a Jubal Turner, son of Admire Turner.

Hope you can help with the parents of Charity.

Thank you,

Email Evelyn Alexander

Charles, Marvin and Thomas – San Francisco / Loftus / Geishaker

You may be my last hope. My grandmother died in childbirth in 1900 and soon after that my grandfather disappeared. They left two children both now deceased. My uncle Martin Lyons was raised by his Aunt Kate in San Francisco. He attended St. Joseph’s School. My mother raised by her grandmother on the Mendocino Coast. Brother and sister were separated from the time my mom was 3 until she became 16.

The two families did not get along. Mary Katherine Geishaker married Michael J. Loftus 10/22/1893. He from somewhere in Ireland. She born in San Francisco. They raised some sons in San Francisco, I believe their names were Charles, Marvin and Thomas. I understand that they all worked for the post office in SF. They would be gone by now, but perhaps some of their offspring, if there were any, are still around. I would like to know what became of the Geishaker family.

They were in San Francisco at the time of the 1906 earthquake. I don’t think that they ever left. I live in Concord, across the bay. I would certainly like to get in touch with any of the family. I know very little about the family and would like to know more.

Thanks so much,


Email Ro*******@ao*.com or ga*******@ea*******.net

Daughter of Sarah Jane McCarron McSorley

Maureen Shannon, Jefferson trying to trace the daughter of Sarah Jane McCarron McSorley – New York State?
I can’t believe I lucked out & found this page! I have been searching—unsuccessfully—for any Loftus family member that might know where the daughter of Sarah Jane McCarron McSorley is. Sarah was the sister of my grandmother Catherine McCarron McElroy-both born in Killyfuddy, Co Tyrone Ireland. Sarah had 2 daughters. One married into the Loftus family. The last contact anyone in the family had with Sarah was when she was living in New York State, we believe in the Bronx, married to a Mr. McSorley. I’ve shotgunned many, many letters to the New York area but all came back or just weren’t answered even though I enclosed a SASE. Can anyone help me?Thank you.

Email Maureen Shannon Jefferson

Patrick Loftus / Azzie O’Neal

One problem we have been researching and would like to put out there on the web is: we are searching for Patrick Loftus’ first child by his first wife Azzie O’Neal. Patrick Loftus and Azzie O’Neal were married in Pine River, CO (now Bayfield, CO.) March 10, 1895, then they were married in the St, Columbo Catholic church in January of 1896, in Durango. We speculate that Brigete (Patrick’s mother) insisted upon this ceremony for she died two months later.

We speculate that a child, most likely a son, was born before the second marriage in January 1896. Azzie O’Neal’s father was Lunnie O’Neal and mother was Sarah McClellan, we believe they came from Indiana or Illinois. Sarah died Sept. 12, 1931 in Durango, but was buried in Danville, IL. The name was incorrectly spelled as ONIEL.

My dad, Thomas Loftus, remembered a man coming to the train station there in Raton, (sometime around 1936 or 1937, after he and mom were married) telling him he was his half-brother. Dad knew nothing about his dad’s first marriage at that time and sent the man on his way for he thought he was someone just begging for money. When he found out about it a few years before his death, he always wondered if that man WAS his half-brother.

We have not been able to find any record of a birth occuring in the Pine River/Bayfield area. We can not find a death certificate on Azzie O’Neal Loftus in Colorado either. We have not tried IL as yet. We also could not find any divorce records in Durango for Patrick and Azzie.

Info, comments, feedback?

Millie Alexander, seeking information onNora Loftus Padden, 1872 – 1920

Millie Alexander here –

I’m trying to locate (for a friend) Nora LOFTUS PADDEN, born Aug. 16, 1872, Co. Cork, Ireland, died April 19, 1920, Joliet, Illinois, buried April 22, 1920, Mt. Olivet, Joliet, Illinois (Will Co.).

Her father was Thomas Loftus, brother Martin Loftus from Toronto, CANADA and a sister Mres. Timothy Kennedy who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time of Nora’s death. I did find some info. on Thomas Padden, but the above is all we have on Nora. Any suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you.

Email Millie, is*****@ib*.net

Thomas Loftus – Born 1837, Ireland


I am searching for information about a Thomas Loftus. He was born in Dec. 1837 in Ireland. He immigrated in 1857. He was married to Bridget. They lived in Penn. and Iowa. His children were, Patrick, Michael, Ellen, John, and Thomas.

I would appreciate information about his parents, where was he born in Ireland.

I found him on 1880 and 1900 census in Iowa. I could not find him in Penn. Most of his children were born in Penn.

Thank you.

Email: AL*****@ao*.com

Looking for the ancestors of Oscar Lofthus – Minnesota

Am searching for info on the ancestors of OSCAR LOFTHUS who married Signe Brekke, They had their large family in Minnesota (I am helping my sister-in-law, Violet (Lofthus) Berentsen with her research concerning her father who died when she was very small. Oscar’s parents were TARJE and JORAND (LEE) LOFTHUS – of Norway. Any clues?

Email Betty Larsen Berentsen from Washington state.

James and Mary Henley Loftus – born 1815 in or around Ballina

Looking for any information on James and Mary Henley Loftus.

Both were born around 1815 in or near Ballina, emigrated approximately 1846 (we think to Canada). They subsequently migrated to Pennsylvania, where the family settled in Winton (now called Jessup) — the town is about five miles north of Scranton.

Their first son, James Jr., was born approximately 1848 in Queen’s Bush — this seems to be a region of southern Ontario now near Wellington County. Any information at all will be welcome!

By the way, the spelling of “Loftus” has been consistent back until 1846.

Patrick Flannery
Houston, TX

Email pa******@li*****.edu

Bob Loftus

I am trying to locate a Loftus with whom I served in the U.S. Army in Germany in 1968-69. I believe his first name was Bob and he grew up in Scranton, Pa. He would have been born I guess around 1947. I know this isn’t much information but I’ve wanted to find him for a number of years.

Gary Moyer

Bob J. Loftus


i am looking for a Bob J Loftus who would be about 45 years old now who lived in Des Moines, Iowa when i knew him which would have been around 1988. I think he has sinced moved a few times and maybe lived in Illinois and possibly even Indiana. I would really like to try and find him if possible. Every time i have tried looking for him it comes to a dead end – he no longer lives there. If you have any information on him or if anyone does please email me and let me know. Thank you so much.

email me


s. Wallace Gilbert – Adam Loftus


My connection is to Adam Loftus (1533-1605), the first provost of Trinity College in Dublin. I saw the painting of Adam loftus at trinity college and also saw his name engraved on a wall. Unfortunately, i can’t remember if adam loftus’ name was in the cathedral in dublin or somewhere in a building at trinity college in dublin. Maybe someone reading this will know the answer.

My connection to adam loftus of 1535-1605 is as follows. . . . . Adam loftus married jane purdon. His son, sir dudley loftus, had a son named sir adam loftus. The daughter of sir adam loftus, letitia loftus, married richard parsons. Their daughter, elizabeth parsons, married thomas worsop. Their daughter, elizabeth worsop (born 11/15/1656 in middlesex, england), married john woods ii. Their daughter, elizabeth woods, (born circa 1682; died circa 1745 in virginia) married peter wallace, sr. In 1705 (peter wallace, sr. Was born circa 1680 in scotland; died before 1724 in northern ireland). The son of peter wallace, sr. Was peter wallace jr, (born in 1719; died in rockbridge county, virginia in 1739)married martha woods in 1744. Their son, samuel wallace (born in 1745 in virginia; died in 1786 in virginia, and was a captain in the revolutionary war), married rebekah anderson in 1770. Their son, anderson wallace (born in 1786 after his father’s death; died before 11/1818 in rockbridge county, virginia), married mary (“polly”) galbraith on 3/30/1809.

Their daughter, susan wallace (born 6/22/1817 and died 4/26/1878 in spencer county, kentucky) became the third wife of samuel gilbert on 7/11/1853. Samuel gilbert (b. 2/15/1804; died12/7/1876) was a farmer and a miller. The son of samuel gilbert and susan wallace was john m. Gilbert (b. 8/9/1859; died11/3/1918 in glendale, arizona). John m. Gilbert married florence “dixie” morris on 2/4/1885 in henry county, kentucky (near louisville & shelbyville, kentucky). They had 5 sons. My grandfather, shelley wallace gilbert (sr. ) was one of those boys. My father, was the son of shelley wallace gilbert (sr).

Karen gilbert rock

birmingham, michigan

Martin Loftus


(mayo, ireland)

hi i am first generation loftus-my father was thomas patrick loftus from thornhill, kiltimagh, county mayo. His ggd was martin loftus from cuillaun near swinford in county mayo who married a mary joyce from pulnabrone (thornhill), kiltimagh. There were loftuses farming in the cuillan area in the early 1800’s. Would like to hear from other loftuses who had ancestors from this area.

Kathleen loftus thayer

Ferdinand Loftus


(south africa)

hello can you perhaps help me. I wonder if you have any trace of a ferdinand loftus in south africa. He married my maternal great great grandmother and they lived in kwas zulu natal. Her name as margarethe leisenberg (born rosenbrock). She married him from hermannsburg in kzn i believe and she died in child birth giving birth to twin boys who i understand survived. I cannot find any further trace of ferdinand loftus.

This was in the late 1800s i would love to find out more.



Bridget Loftus



hello, my great great grandmother was bridget loftus. According to family history, she was born in county sligo in 1836. Her marriage certificate says her father was called william and that he was a farmer. Sometime before july 1853 she emigrated from ireland to county durham in england (i assume because of the famine). There she married james johnson in st. Mary’s chapel, sunderland. The couple soon after settled in ludworth/thornley, county durham and had two children, mary and william. In 1860, the family emigrated to the united states, settling in gallatin county, illinois, where james worked as a coalminer.

I’ve believe that bridget had two male relatives also living in the uk, john born 1832 and anthony born 1831. They appears in the 1851 uk census living on the same street that bridget lived on in sunderland when she married james johnson. Anthony was a witness to bridget’s daughter’s baptism in thornley in 1854. And john appears on the 1870 us census, living with bridget and james in gallatin, illinois.

If any of this matches with your family history, please get in touch.

Also, there is a posting on the website about patrick loftus, made by “enid” on 12/4/05 which makes reference to sunderland and ludworth so i’d be interested in getting in touch with her.

Clare spindler

Martin Loftus


i am trying to find information on a martin loftus born approx. 1843-1848 in ireland. He died in st. Louis sept. 1898 and was married to a winneford gallaher. They had two daughters winneford and mary. I believe he had a brother fergat married to an anna egan. They had a daughter named bridget. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I can only find him in the 1880 census in st. Louis, mo.


respond here

Mike Durkin


i came across your loftus web site and just thought i would add something that i came across when i did a y-dna test with family tree dna.

So my last name is durkin, which is very common around parts of sligo and mayo. My closest matches have the names durkin, corcoran, jordan, mcintyre, pringle, malcolm and loftus. Except for malcolm and pringle, which are scottish, the other names are also common in mayo.

My loftus match has been able to trace back to roscommon in the 1800s, but my opinion is that if he were able to go further back he would find some roots in mayo. It would be interesting to see if any of your loftus connections with roots in mayo ever took the y dna test to see if they match my loftus match or any of the other mayo names.

Take care,

-mike durkin
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