Connections Made

Mary – UK

Thanks to your help, Joseph R Loftus contacted me and we were able to exchange information about our Loftus Family Tree.
Best regards,
Mary Moss (nee Loftus)

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Hi Duane from the Great White North and my keyboard in the capital, Edmonton, of the Kingdom of Ice.

Bob Coe here to report an unquestionable connection that definitely links a whole string of lost Loftuses. Mike Loftus II listed Seattle ancestry including my grandmother and great grandfather.

Granny’s obit stated she was survived by “two brothers and a sister in California. ” Mike’s file names those siblings.
Hope others will look up BOB COE in the Registry and see if there’s a connection worth considering.

Love your links – Hambley’s “Mayo, ” and Steve Loftus’ UK contingent, etc.

Bon Chance from your Canadian quasi-cuz,
Bob Coe, Edmonton, Alberta, Ca.

Greetings from California

Greetings from California. I was just browsing through some stuff on the web and came across your web page, and I’d like to congratulate you on it.

My name is David Loftus, originally from Newport in Co. Mayo, now living and working in Los Angeles, Southern California. Before I dive into the rest of your website, I just thought I’d let you know that I think our going global is long overdue! : -)

I hope to check back on this site from time to time, and will try to stay updated on the progress you make through the site.

All the best (from a Mayo immigrant delighted to find this site)


Another Loftus Connection…

Guess what! As a result of your website I was contacted by an actual relative! Her name is Monica Kirk, and she is a direct authenticated descendent of my immigrant ancestors, Patrick and Susanna Monaghan Loftus. She was able to provide me with interesting information, including the ship Patrick sailed on and the fact that he was a “wool comber” in Ireland. Any idea what a wool comber does? Anyhow, thanks again. Her sister in Nebraska has since contacted me as well.

All the best,
John Loftus, Seattle


Check out the Loftus section of WikiTree for more possible connections.


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